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M-700U (USD, SD, FM)

227,000.00 Ks

Model: Microlab M 700U

The M-700U has a built-in FM radio that can be used as an independent sound source.
On the front panel of the subwoofer there is a USB port that allows you to connect an external memory with your favorite music. The system will automatically recognize and start playing audio files from the USB memory.

In addition, there is an SD card slot on the front panel of the subwoofer. The audio files will be recognized automatically and the system will start playing them from the memory card.

Quality columns are designed for multimedia and computer applications. Multimedia CD for
playback of information entered in various ways from the USB and SD card reader. He has in his
lineup of FM radio for creating an entertainment alternative.
In order to achieve depth and high resolution, a unique technology is used to
low-frequency reproduction from Microlab.
This 2.1 acoustic system will fill your home with perfectly clear sound.
-Quality 2.1 acoustic system with impressive strong low frequencies
– Ideal for multimedia: movies, TV, CD/DVD player, Mp3/Mp4
-Microlab М Series – Your way into the world of serious music
-Wireless remote control for convenience and easy adjustment
– Satellites with crystal clear sound, revealing great dynamics and features
acoustic reflection in order to secure the effectiveness of design
-Comes with a multi-format interface for various playback modes such as playback from
USB devices and SD cards, 3.5mm and 2RCA input connectors




Output power 46 Watt RMS
Energy distribution 14×2+18 Watts
frequency range 35-20,000 Hz
Signal/noise ratio 75 dB
Separation 45 dB


Speakers 2.5
Speaker Rated Power 14 watts
Ncz speakers 5
Rated speaker power Ncz 18 watts
Color black
Wireless remote control 1


Exit 2RCA
Entry 3.5 stereo, RCA


Satellites 90x75x180mm
subwoofer 165x290x240mm
Net weight of the product 4.40 kg